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My blog: homesch­oolersd­iary.bl­ogspot.­com and my three goals -A Book A Week, An Essay A Day, One Pound One Week- Want to see how I'm doing? G
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My blog: homesch­oolerval.bl­ogspot.­com My goals: read a book and write an article every week. Want to see how I'm doing? Go to my blog or http://learnenglishonline.yuku.com/topic/11581/A-Book-A-Week
Political views:
Very Liberal
I like Sponge Bob. I like art, music, movies and literature. I like history, politics, philosophy, criminology, paleontology, archaeology and psychology. I like poison and skull. Fashion and vintage. Old Hollywood and Elegant Lady. I can speak fluent Chinese and not-so-fluent English and am learning Japanese. I also have a wish to learn Spanish and some German, Korean and Thai. Bangkok is the best place I have ever been to. I love the city and Thai people. Sawadaeka. Good luck to me and you, who are learning foreign language(s). Any questions about language study or the forum, feel free to ask me. I'm willing to help.
Favorite Music:
Jazz, Classical, Rock, Pop, Piano, R&B, Blues
Favorite TV Shows:
Spongebob, Doraemon (Japanese animation)
Favorite Movies:
Labyrinth, Screwball Comedy, Animation

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My three goals: read a book every week, write an essay/story every day and lost one pound every week. Go to
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